Trojans Wrestling Camp

The Trojans Wrestling summer camp is for boys and girls entering grades 6-9 in the Fall of 2019. Our goal is to introduce young athletes to fundamental wrestling techniques in a safe and fun environment. The camp runs from June 03 to August 01. We practice twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at Anderson High School.

The camp is run by Anderson High School head wrestling Coach Pat Moore, a former Division 1 wrestler at Auburn. He will be assisted by high school wrestlers and parent volunteers. Anderson is a rapidly improving program that finished with a 14-4 dual meet record in 2019. The team included 3 District champions and a state qualifier.

The camp will follow the USA Wrestling Folkstyle Core Curriculum. (Level One.) By the end of camp, attendees will be able to execute fundamental wrestling skills including stance and motion, basic takedowns, setups, and takedown defense, counter offense, and basic groundwork including pins, controls, and escapes.

Incoming freshman football players who plan to wrestle in high school are encouraged to enroll. Wrestling season starts a few weeks before football season ends. This camp will teach the wrestling fundamentals football players would otherwise miss during the overlap.

Payment and Registration


The camp costs $100 for the two month session. The registration fee includes a Trojans wrestling t-shirt.


Trojans Youth Wrestling is affiliated with Coach Mo’s Elite Fitness. The camp dates and times are coordinated with Coach Mo’s Trojans Summer Strength and Conditioning camp. Athletes who enroll in both camps receive a 25% discount for the wrestling camp.

Financial assistance is available on an as-needed basis. Please email Gerard Andrews at with “Trojans Wrestling” in the subject line to discuss financial aid.

Why Wrestle?

Wrestling is a sport popular across the world. It is featured in the Olympics for both men and women. In the United States athletes wrestle at the youth, high school, and college levels. Wrestling teaches self reliance, creativity, discipline, and work ethic. In our age of childhood obesity and bullying, wrestling can be a great source of exercise and self confidence. The physical benefits of wrestling include increased balance, leverage, agility, and strength.

Aside from being a fantastic sport in its own right, wrestling skills transfer to other contact sports. Wrestling teaches athletes to exert force in all planes of movement while retaining their balance. This translates directly into more effective blocking and tackling on the football field. You can get strong in the weight room, but wrestling will teach you to apply your strength on another body. It is also an excellent strength building alternative for athletes too young to lift weights.

But most of all, wrestling is fun! Along with running, swimming, and jumping, wrestling is a fundamental human activity.