''Start the game stronger, finish the strongest.''

The premier skills and agility enhancement program designed to produce the elite athlete. The principle of the program is not only to elevate the player's overall skill, but also to embed a contagious passion for the game.

Tenacity is imperative to prevail in vital, game-changing moments. More essentially, an unmatched mental toughness must be ingrained.

Great players become great by mastering the fundamentals of:

  • shooting
  • ball handling
  • passing
  • defense

These attributes are the heart of the program and will be heavily emphasized until it becomes second nature. A 4th Quarter Athlete starts the game stronger, and finishes the strongest.


Successes and failures will be acknowledged and embraced. Contentment halts progression, while dwelling on failure leads to regression. On one end of the spectrum, a player that knows only of success can develop a false confidence and become complacent in their abilities, creating a "comfort zone." On the other end, a player that experiences a multitude of failure can become discouraged, lose ambition, or, even worse, stop trying.

Athletes will learn to not fear failure but to comprehend that growth comes from understanding and correcting their mistakes. Athletes will also learn to acknowledge their current talents while persistently striving to reach the next level. Hard work, commitment, and the ability to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses are what dictate an athlete’s success.

The 4th Quarter Athlete program takes pride in creating winners through the game of basketball. It is an honor to be able to enhance the athletic and personal growth of each and every athlete we meet; we at Coach Mo's thank you for allowing us that opportunity.

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